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If your business is not registered for sales tax purposes, all transactions should be recorded by using a sales tax code with a zero percentage. We have included two rows below the balance sheet that contain control totals which indicate whether the balance sheet is in balance. Tax 2 Code – this column contains a drop-down list which enables you to select one of the tax codes added to the Setup sheet and relates to state sales tax. The monthly periods that are available retail accounting for selection are the same as the monthly periods that are included on the monthly income statement, cash flow statement and balance sheet. You are therefore able to view a trial balance for any of the monthly periods in the current financial year by simply selecting the appropriate monthly period from the list box at the top of column G. After adding the additional bank account codes to the TB sheet, you also need to add the new codes to the BS sheet.

Unlike most other software for small businesses, we don’t need you to do any data entry yourself, as we do it all. You just need to share your documents with us, and we’ll connect to your bank account, credit card and bank feeds, pick up any recurring invoices and make sure that you’re compliant with HMRC’s making tax digital. Both control totals should always display an “ok” text string but if there is a problem with the appropriate control total, an “error” message which is highlighted in orange will be displayed. This error message means that there is an imbalance in the template and the value of the imbalance will be displayed above the error message for balance sheet errors and below the error message for cash flow statement errors. E2 – this error code means that the selected account number on the Income or Expenses sheet is invalid. All the accounts which have been entered on the TB sheet will be included in the account number list boxes and the error can therefore be rectified by simply selecting a valid account number from the list box.

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SMEs are able to claim up to 33p for every £1 spent on qualifying expenditure. Your client manager will be able to advise if your business could qualify. Recording your transaction is as simple as searching for the type of transaction, and Bokio takes care of the rest. By recording a transaction with just a few clicks you save a lot of time on repetitive tasks. Not to worry – all of our templates can be quickly adapted to suit your needs.

Does Google Sheets have an accounting template?

Automate your balance sheets, invoices, loan calculations, investment tracking, and cash flows with the Accounting and Finance Template Collection that's compatible both for Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets.

The procedure to follow is again really simple – insert the required number of additional rows above the JC bank account code (BS-BJC key in column A) and copy the formulas from one of the existing rows. You can copy the entire row to ensure that you have included the formulas in all columns. The formulas will automatically pick up the correct bank account codes. If the sales tax percentages change, you can simply create a new sales tax code for the new percentage and use it from the effective date for the new sales tax percentage. We have designed 25 Excel free accounting templates to help small business owners manage their own bookkeeping. Including petty cash, cash book, business expenses, cash flow, sales invoice, statements, income statement and balance sheet.

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For a limited time, the “Easy-Peasy Pilates Teacher” is FREE when you join the Pilates Lesson Planner membership. You’ll enjoy the feeling of keeping your accounts up to date using a simple bookkeeping system. Inform your budgeting process by breaking down your expenses into categories, such as inventory, marketing, wages etc.

  • The sales tax codes & percentages are used to calculate sales tax on all income & expense transactions and bank codes can be used to allocate transactions to multiple bank accounts.
  • For a limited time, the “Easy-Peasy Pilates Teacher Bookkeeping Template” is FREE when you join the Pilates Lesson Planner membership.
  • You’ll enjoy the feeling of keeping your accounts up to date using a simple bookkeeping system.
  • If you duplicate an account number or group key, the balance sheet will not balance.
  • Additional accounts can be created on the TB sheet by inserting a new row, entering the appropriate account number, entering an account description and copying the formulas in columns E to H from one of the existing rows.

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